Be Of One Mind

Hold only one Purpose in your Mind
Hold only a shared Purpose in your Mind
Place no limitations on yourself or others

This book was written in 2009 as an attempt to share and distill, through language, a model of the universe in which you are empowered to choose how you will experience this life.   Powered by your immortal reality as a Soul, a being of light, a traveler of dimensions.

In this book, you will learn that the world called earth is a cosmic dream being dreamt by Souls & Minds , children of the Prime Creator God.   You will learn that as we embarked on this journey through a temporary world, each mind was given an inner guide, an internal teacher, whose sole purpose is to guide you back to your awakening from the dream.

Hearing this inner guide is achieved by practicing constant attention and taking full responsibility for the thoughts you think.  

Your mind is your most powerful tool with which to experience life. 
Will you use your mind to add joy to your life and planet earth?
Or will your untrained mind repeat the past? and continue to seek but not find your true power to affect change?

NEW: Try the chatbot (in the lower right hand corner) to ask questions about the book and what it teaches.  Ocassionally, this technology hallucinates and gives the wrong answer.  Though to alarge degree its answers on the topic of this book should be correct.

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